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Distributed Systems Group, Institute of Information Systems, TU Vienna, Austria
Argentinierstrasse 8, A-1040 Vienna, Austria

The problem of engineering dependable software-intensive systems will not go away – it will only become more pressing, as today’s distributed systems are characterized by heterogeneity, are spatially-distributed and are expected to satisfy non-functional requirements such as security and privacy. It is clear that if we are going to use ad-hoc methods, we’ll end up with ad-hoc problems. We need techniques for early validation at design time and for tackling uncertainty manifested at runtime.


I am university assistant at the Distibuted Systems Group at TU Vienna (chair prof. Schahram Dustdar). Previously, I was post-doctoral researcher at Politecnico di Milano, where I received (2017) my PhD defending a thesis entitled "Modelling and Verification of Evolving Cyber-Physical Spaces". My advisor was prof. Carlo Ghezzi. My research interests lie in the intersection of dependable distributed systems and software engineering, and include security and privacy in self-adaptive and cyber-physical systems, requirements engineering and formal verification.

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CDC Nice (Dec' 19), ICSE Montreal (May' 19), Vienna Young Scientists Symposium (Jun' 19), DIGHUM19 Vienna (Apr' 19), NII Tokyo (Mar '19), PERCOM Kyoto (Mar' 19).

Recent Service

Trans. on Software Engineering & Methodology (TOSEM), Trans. on the Web (TWEB), Trans. on Services Computing (TSC), SEAMS20, Microservices19, SEAMS19, SEsCPS@ICSE19.



Advanced Internet Computing (MSc, winter), Distributed Computing Seminars (MSc, spring)

Recent Research (selected)
  • Specification Patterns for Robotic Missions

    Claudio Menghi, Christos Tsigkanos, Carlo Ghezzi, Patrizio Pelliccione and Thorsten Berger

    in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 2019.

    (patterns, evaluation datasets and tool support) roboticpatterns.com

    (IEEE/ACM ICSE tool) PsALM: Specification of Dependable Robotic Missions, 2019.

  • Dependable Resource Coordination on the Edge at Runtime

    Christos Tsigkanos, Ilir Murturi and Schahram Dustdar

    in Proceedings of the IEEE, 2019. (pdf)

  • Inferring Analyzable Models from Trajectories of Spatially-Distributed Internet of Things

    Christos Tsigkanos, Laura Nenzi, Michele Loreti, Martin Garriga, Schahram Dustdar and Carlo Ghezzi

    in ACM SEAMS, 2019.

  • Model-Driven Design of City Spaces via Bidirectional Transformations

    Ennio Visconti, Christos Tsigkanos, Zhenjiang Hu and Carlo Ghezzi

    in IEEE/ACM MODELS, 2019. (pdf)

  • Towards Resilient Internet of Things: Vision, Challenges, and Research Roadmap

    Christos Tsigkanos, Stefan Nastic and Schahram Dustdar

    in IEEE ICDCS, 2019.

  • How do firms transact? Guesstimation and Validation of Financial Transaction Networks with Satisfiability

    Christos Tsigkanos, Alessio Arleo, Johannes Sorger and Schahram Dustdar

    in IEEE IRI, 2019.

  • POET: Privacy on the Edge with Bidirectional Data Transformations

    Nianyu Li, Christos Tsigkanos, Zhi Jin, Schahram Dustdar, Zhenjiang Hu and Carlo Ghezzi

    in IEEE PERCOM, 2019. (pdf)

  • Modeling and Verification of Evolving Cyber-Physical Spaces

    Christos Tsigkanos, Timo Kehrer and Carlo Ghezzi

    in ACM SIGSOFT FSE, 2017. (pdf)

Vienna Manifesto on Digital Humanism και άρθρο στην Καθημερινή (in greek).